Tips For New Players

A list of helpful facts, in no particular order:

  • Use the Strategy option in the Creatures menu to set a default action for each creature. This saves time and helps prevent careless errors in combat.
  • The Stronghold is made for tanking.
  • A great early-game attacking combo is a Brim Smith with lots of +Attack in its artifact, together with a Cinder Devil to give it Splash.
  • The Life Mage is a great early-game choice, for the Holy Defiance perk. A single point invested there will prevent your creatures from ever being one-shot by attacks.
  • The first thing you should buy from Bynine is three Nightwing Gargoyle cores (if you do not see them, level up more and they will appear).
  • Daily Realms are referred to as "a late-game activity" by Licktorr. The early levels are (usually) not too challenging for a new player. There is no cost to enter, no penalty on death, and they give decent rewards. Try it early, but do not be discouraged if you cannot keep a long streak.
  • The second thing you should buy from Bynine is the Crown of Haste.
  • The Arena is a late-game thing. You have to win 19 in a row just to get enough points to buy an invitation to replace the one you used.
  • Potions in Sorcery realms can be good or bad. You may wish to clear all the enemy packs before drinking potions, to avoid a debilitating debuff. Don't skip them though—sometimes they give you Royalty Points.
  • Once you have Topaz Paragon cores, consider not summoning it. Once you do, you'll also encounter them in the wild, and they generally hurt you far more as enemies than they help you as allies.
  • It is recommended to invest your early royalty points in resource generation to progress in the game faster
  • Consider getting a troll-arsonist. Their bomb is immune to enemy counter attacks, enemy defenses, and debuffs on your creature.

For those interested in the different classes and their specific differences:

Chaos Mage

  • Starting creature: Twisted Devil
  • Perks:
    • Abolish: Each rank grants your creatures a 4% chance to remove a random buff from their target before they attack.
    • Bloodbath: Each rank grants your creatures a 2% chance to deal 100% additional damage when attacking, and recover health equal to 20% of the extra damage dealt.
    • Pandemonium Presence: Each rank grants a 1% chance for a much more powerful effect when using a Pandemonium Token.
    • Psycopath: Each rank increases the chance for your creatures to apply debuffs from their artifacts by 1%.
    • Sadistic Pleasure: Each rank causes your creatures to deal additional damage equal to 0.5% of their target's Maximum Health.

Death Mage

  • Starting creature: Lich Priest
  • Perks:
    • Black Mirror: Each rank grants you a 1%chance to negate enemy spells when they are cast.
    • Necromancy: Each rank grants your creature a 1% chance to resurrect as a random Death creature with 50% health when they die.
    • Pact of the Damned: Your creatures split 1% of the damage taken from incoming attacks for each rank.
    • Plaguebearer: Each rank gives you a 2% chance to afflict each enemy with Infection or Disease at the start of battle.
    • Unholy Consumption: Each rank increases your chance to find Pills whenever you acquire items.

Life Mage

  • Starting creature: Firewound Angel
  • Perks:
    • Calmness: Each rank reduces the amount of damage your creatures take from spells by 3%
    • Guardian Angel: Each rank grants a 1.5% chance to prevent damage from an incoming attack if that attack would kill your creatures.
    • Holy Defiance: When your creatures are attacked, and they would take damage greater than 60% of their Maximum Health as damage, reduce that damage to 60% of their Maximum Health. Each Rank reduces this threshold by 1%.
    • Reinforce: When your creatures are healed, 1% of the amount healed is added to a Barrier for each rank.
    • Saving Grace: Each rank grants each of your creatures a 2% chance to start battles with Rebirth

Nature Mage
*Starting creature: Springtime Aspect

  • Perks:
    • Feral Brilliance: Each rank causes 0.2% of the experience points each of your creatures gain in battle to also be granted to your creatures in the stable.
    • Raid: Each rank grants your creatures a 3% chance to start each battle at the top of the Action Queue.
    • Reflexes: Each rank causes 1.5% of your creatures' Speed to apply to their attacks.
    • Scavenging: Each rank increases your chance to find crafting materials inside of breakable objects.
    • Survivalist: Each rank grants your creatures a 1% chance to dodge incoming attacks and recover 10% of their Maximum Health.

Sorcery Mage
*Starting creature: Iron Golem

  • Perks:
    • Brilliance: Each rank grants your spells a 2% chance to refund their mana cost when cast.
    • Diligence: Each rank decreases the Power Balance cost of using the Teleportation Shrine or Portal.
    • Echo: Each rank grants your spells a 1% chance to not consume the caster's turn.
    • Mania: Each rank increases your Spell Power by a percentage equal to 2% of your Power Balance.
    • Sorcery: Each rank grants your 1% chance to not consume a charge when cast.
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