Listing of Sorcery Creatures

Ancestral Phoenix (Edit)
Black Crystal Smith (Edit)
Brim Smith (Edit)
Corrupted Phoenix (Edit)
Crystal Smith (Edit)
Dark Brim Smith (Edit)
Death Crafter (Edit)
Delusion Occultist (Edit)
Depravity Smith (Edit)
Disciple Occultist (Edit)
Disease Crafter (Edit)
Djinn Arcanomancer (Edit)
Djinn Dreamweaver (Edit)
Djinn Evoker (Edit)
Djinn Ghula (Edit)
Djinn Illusionist (Edit)
Djinn Pyromancer (Edit)
Dragon Guardian (Edit)
Dragon Queen (Edit)
Dragon Revenant (Edit)
Dragon Sentinel (Edit)
Dragon Soldier (Edit)
Flaring Efreet (Edit)
Frostfire Efreet (Edit)
Frost Phoenix (Edit)
Gold Golem (Edit)
Granite Golem (Edit)
Hammer Lord (Edit)
Haunted Golem (Edit)
Iron Golem (Edit)
Magma Golem (Edit)
Mimic (Edit)
Minotaur Battlemaster (Edit)
Minotaur Behemoth (Edit)
Minotaur Earthshaker (Edit)
Minotaur Juggernaut (Edit)
Minotaur Skullcrusher (Edit)
Minotaur Warrior (Edit)
Mirage Occultist (Edit)
Moss Golem (Edit)
Nightmare Golem (Edit)
Occultist Spellbinder (Edit)
Pestilence Crafter (Edit)
Raging Efreet (Edit)
Raptor Occultist (Edit)
Raven Acolyte (Edit)
Raven Batmaster (Edit)
Raven Bloodmage (Edit)
Raven Defiler (Edit)
Raven King (Edit)
Raven Ritualist (Edit)
Regal Golem (Edit)
Royal Phoenix (Edit)
Spider Occultist (Edit)
Thunderstruck Phoenix (Edit)
Transcended Phoenix (Edit)
Treasure Golem (Edit)
Unchained Djinn (Edit)
Viper Occultist (Edit)
Volatile Phoenix (Edit)
Volcanic Efreet (Edit)
Wildfire Efreet (Edit)
Wyvern Airslayer (Edit)
Wyvern Daybreaker (Edit)
Wyvern Skystalker (Edit)
Wyvern Sonicscreecher (Edit)
Wyvern Windrider (Edit)
Zealot Occultist (Edit)

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