Each realm has one Shrine. When the player interacts with the Shrine, it gives a random blessing, then becomes dormant. The blessing lasts as long as the player remains in the realm. If the player returns to Siralim Castle via portal, the blessing is cancelled.

Shrine blessings:

  • Gain 50% additional energy from winning battles.
  • Gain 50% additional experience points from winning battles.
  • Gain 100% additional resources and power from winning battles.
  • Your creatures' Attack is increased by 20%.
  • Your creatures' Defense is increased by 15%.
  • Your creatures' Luck is increased by 30%.
  • Your creatures' Maximum Health is increased by 25%.
  • Your creatures take 30% less damage from spells.
  • Your creatures strike first in combat.
  • Your creatures start each battle with a random buff.

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