The four resources in Siralim are brimstone, crystal, essence, and granite.

  • Brimstone and crystal are used to forge and reforge artifacts, to transmute materials, and to summon new creatures.
  • Essence is used to create and enchant gems.
  • Granite is required to begin construction rituals.
  • Essence and granite are used together to enchant and disenchant artifacts.

Obtaining Resources

Post Combat

Resources are most commonly obtained after winning a battle, in which case the player is awarded some of each of the four resources, as well as some power, energy, and a boost in Power Balance. Artifacts can be enchanted to provide a bonus to resources gained in this way, and the Ransack ability can greatly increase resources gained in combat.


Handfulls, e.g. "Handful of Granite", grant 250 units of a resources immediately upon being picked up. Satchels grant a larger amount, between 1500 and 3000 units, of a resource. They are consumables and remain in inventory until used.

Breakable objects and resource nodes

Certain objects in realms can be interacted with, and these often yield resources. Examples are apples in Life realms (essence), brimstone piles in Chaos realms, and crystals in winter realms. Tortured corpses in dungeon realms give a significant amount of all four resources.

Treasure Golem

Treasure Golems, when hunted down and killed successfully, yield a very large amount of resources.


Players can gamble with the Dwarves for resources, playing the game of High or Low.

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