Sarea (Enchanter)

Location: Siralim - Blacksmith and Enchanter (from Basement - Left Wing)

Sarea is the Enchanter of Siralim Castle, sharing a room with the Blacksmith. She can use crafting materials to imbue your artifacts with powerful bonuses. She is also able to remove undesirable enchantments, and transmute excess or unwanted materials into different ones.


  • Enchantments using common materials require 5 units of the appropriate material and 1,500 each of essence, granite, and power.
  • Enchantments using rare materials require 3 units of the material and 3,000 each of essence, granite, and power.
  • Legendary material enchantments only need a single material, but additionally require 10,000 essence, granite, and power, as well as a ritual. Sarea will keep the artifact until the ritual is completed.


Sarea will remove an enchantment from an artifact in exchange for 1,000 essence, granite, and power. Only the most recently added enchantment can be removed—this means that to remove the first enchantment from an artifact, every other enchantment has to be removed first.


Sarea can take your excess or unwanted materials and transform them into new materials at random, in exchange for brimstone and crystal. You may transmute as many units at a time as you like, but only of a single kind of material, e.g. 50 Black Amber or 3 Fallen Hook. The cost is 100 each of brimstone and crystal per unit of common material, 300 each per unit of rare material, or 1,000 each per legendary material. The transmuted materials are destroyed, in exchange for a number of new materials.

Note: The following discussion on transmuting results assumes that all three Enchanter Transmute Upgrade rituals have been completed. It is not recommended to do much transmuting until then.

On average, you will get back more materials than you gave, so transmuting is a way to build your inventory of materials, in exchange for brimstone and crystal. However, on any particular transmutation, it is possible to get back less than you gave, or even get back nothing at all (more common when transmuting a small quantity).

Transmuting single legendary material most often results in a different legendary material, together with some rares and commons. It is not too unusual, however, to get no legendary material back, so transmuting legendaries will reduce your number of legendary materials on average. Rare materials have a chance to transmute into legendaries, though, so it is still possible to increase your legendary material collection through transmuting.

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