Ianne (Blacksmith)

Location: Siralim - Blacksmith and Enchanter (from Basement - Left Wing)

The Blacksmith Ianne is an NPC who will forge new artifacts for you, or reforge existing ones to improve their bonuses.


Forging a new artifact costs 2000 brimstone and 2000 crystal, and produces a level 1 artifact of the desired type. The selection of available artifact types is dependent on the number of Blacksmith Forging Upgrade construction rituals the player has completed.


While some enchantments provide a flat bonus, such as a granted buff or ability, most involve a numerical bonus (e.g. to Attack) or a percentage chance to gain or inflict a status effect. These numerical values are selected at random within a certain range when the enchantment is applied.

If a number closer to the top end of the range is desired, the Blacksmith can reforge that particular enchantment, in exchange for 500 brimstone and 500 crystal. A new number will be chosen within the range, and the player may continue to reforge as many times as desired.

For bonuses to stats, it is important to reforge periodically, since the allowed range is dependent on the player's level. For example, consider an artifact enchanted with all +Attack bonuses. When forged, the maximum bonus may have been 50. But if the player gained some levels, the maximum bonus could be 100 instead. Going back and reforging all those Attack bonuses will dramatically increase the power of this artifact. This is most important in the early and mid-game; an increase from 1050 to 1100 is not nearly as significant.

The range for reforging stat enchantments based on the player's level are as follows:
Attack: 50-200%
Speed: 50-200%
Luck: 50-200%
Maximum Health: 50-150%
All Defense: 75-150%
Elemental Defense: 200-350%

The remaining enchantments have fixed ranges:
Creature XP Bonus: ?-?
Player XP Bonus: 10-20%
Resource Bonus: 15-25%
Energy Bonus: 30-50
- Damage from Spells: ?-?
‚Äč+ Damage to a Class: 20-40%
- Damage from a Class: ?-?

In the wild

Ianne can also be encountered in realms, where he complains of a missing stack of gold ingots, which can be found somewhere in the realm. As a reward for returning the ingots, Ianne will give a number of crafting materials.

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