Getting Started

Siralim can be overwhelming for new players, or even returning players that haven't played in a long time. There is simply too much to do and too many things and details to remember. This guide is intended to be a quick reference of all the things Siralim so you don't feel so lost.

If you ever find yourself returning to this game, do NOT delete your save and start over. Start a new game with quests enabled in another slot to relearn your basics, and then return to your previous save file.

Castle Map

The castle is composed of 3 floors, with a left, a center, and a right wing on each floor, for a total of 9 rooms. You do not start with all of the rooms unlocked. Instead, you will unlock each room in the castle by concluding rituals. If you have enabled quests when you started the game, the guides Damaos and Hebron will give you quests to make you unlock those rooms when your level is high enough.

1 2 3
4 5 6
7 8 9
  1. Egg Hatchery ( Nether Egg Hatching )
  2. Spell Chamber ( Nether Orb Activation Ritual, Summon Brazier, Goblet of Power Spell Ritual )
  3. Gem Temple ( Gem Crafting, Gem Enchanting, Gem Upgrading )
  4. Tavern ( Gambling Dwarves, Troll Alemaster Quest )
  5. War Room ( Ritual Scroll, Realm Two-Way Portal, Teleportation Shrine, Bynine Shop, Licktorr Daily Realm Portal )
  6. Library (Name Change, Sex Change, Creature Renaming, Wolpertinger Invader Quest)
  7. Blacksmith and Enchanter ( Blacksmith, Enchanter )
  8. Arena ( Arena Battles, Arena Shop, Minotaur Battlemaster Quest )
  9. Creature Stable ( Team Change, Creature Release, Mite Interloper Quest )

Starting the Game

The Advanced Options

Creating Your Character

You pick three things when you create your character. First, your name. Second, your sex. Third, your spell school. If you are new to the game or if you aren't sure what to pick, then pick Life Magic. A single point spent on Holy Defiance perk will prevent your creatures from ever being one-shot by attacks. This is worth its weight in gold, specially considering you need to spend only ONE point for that advantage. None of those three choices are final. Name and Sex can be changed at the Library freely. Spell School can be changed, by paying a small fee.

First Steps

Summoning Your Creatures

"Creatures are summoned using the brazier located in the upper corridor of the castle. There, you must offer the brazier three identical cores of the creature you wish to summon, along with some brimstone, crystal, and power." - Damaos

If you have started the game with quests enabled, you will be greeted by Damaos giving you some cores and resources, and telling you to go summon your first creature. Do it. You can't really do anything until you do it, anyway. The creature you start with will depend on your Spell School choice during character creation. Summon it and return to Damaos. He will direct you to Hebron for a battle tutorial. Win and he will explain you Extraction.

Your Next Creatures

"I'm sure you saw the option to extract from my creature in combat. Whenever you extract from an enemy creature, there is a chance that you will be able to gain a core from it. The more you weaken an enemy creature, the greater your chance to successfully extract from it. And remember, you can only extract from a creature once. You must collect three identical cores to summon a new creature." - Hebron

Listen to him and he will direct you back to Damaos, and he will explain to you about Artifacts. Those are your basic equipment, and any creature can equip any one Artifact. He will give you a Sword to equip to your creature.

Preparing For Battle

"To equip your creature with an artifact, open the menu and scroll down to 'Items', then choose 'Artifacts'. Select it and equip it to your creature. To remove an artifact from a creature, open the menu and scroll down to 'Creatures'. Select the creature in question, then choose 'Unequip Artifact'." - Tutorial Screen

Equip it and talk to him again, and he will send you to Katarina, at the Library, for the Spell tutorial.

"Scrolls allow you to cast spells, and each scroll has a certain number of charges. Each time you cast a spell, one of the scroll's charges is spent. If a scroll runs out of charges, it is destroyed forever." - Katarina

"To equip a scroll to your spellbook, open the menu and scroll down to 'Spellbook'. Select an empty spell slot, then choose the scroll you wish to equip. Note that you cannot remove a scroll from your spellbook without destroying it, so it is important to plan ahead before equipping new scrolls!" - Tutorial Screen

Equip the spell, talk to her and go back to Hebron for another lesson, this time on Power Balance.

"Do you know how Power Balance works? It influences the amount of power and energy you gain from defeating enemies, and improves the quality of the treasure you find. You can Power Balance primarily by winning battles." - Hebron

Another tutorial battle, an automatic level up, and Hebron will give you another free creature, and a small tutorial about Royalty Points. Summon your second creature, spend your Royalty Points and talk to Damaos again.

If you are a Life Mage, your first point should go to "Holy Defiance". You do not need to buy a second rank on it for now. Go for one rank in "Spoils of War" and save the last point. You really want some ranks into "Better Duty Rewards" and "Spoils of War" to progress faster. Those will be your main source of resources for a while.

Damaos will give you your last quest before your freedom. Go to a Realm, kill all the monsters there, teleport to the next Realm and Portal back to the castle. That will conclude the starting tutorial. Meanwhile, should you stumble upon more Artifacts in chests, equip it to your second creature.

The Next Step


Upon reaching Level 5 as a Mage, you will be able to take a third creature with you in battle. Even if you have cores to do so, there is no need to do it as soon as possible, as the game will rank up the difficulty and start throwing you against bigger parties once you have done so. For your third creature I suggest either Iron Golem or Glutinous Slime. If you are a new player, take the Slime. Its ability to hit the enemy against its lowest Defense value means it will hit much harder than your other monsters, and works on every situation. Concluding your starting tutorial will unlock the "Construction Ritual" tutorial. At this point, if you have 3 Royalty Points to spare, buy one rank of "Maximum Rituals" perk. That will increase the amount of rituals you can do at the same time to 2. If you do not have 3 points, do it as soon as you level up again. However, there is no need to increase the amount to 3. While the first set of rituals are cheap, the next ones are not, and you will not be able to keep up with the resource costs for now.

"Construction rituals are just some of the many types of rituals you will learn to use, but all rituals are completed the same way: by defeating hostile creatures and gathering their energy. After you gather enough energy, you can return to the castle and complete the ritual." - Damaos

Expanding the Castle

Once you complete your first Construction Ritual, Damaos will instruct you to make a ritual to unlock the Blacksmith room. It will also unlock the "More Creatures - Tier 2" ritual. If you are a new player, I advise you against doing it right now as the Tier 2 includes some troublesome creatures. The Dragon Soldier can reduce your Max HP, the Siren Oracle gives Barrier to all enemies, the Servant Hunter can cause bleed, the Sand Giant can cause stun, and the Berserker Fiend can pretty much one-hit any creature you can summon for now. I advise holding it until you can move right to Tier 3, as that one has the Stronghold, the best general purpose tank in the game.

By the time you finish the Blacksmith Ritual, you should be level 10 and able to take a fourth creature with you in battle. Again, there is no need to rush it, since as soon as you take a fourth creature with you, the game will rank up the difficulty once more and throw you against bigger parties. Complete the ritual, talk to Ianne to make a sword for you, equip on your third creature and go back to Damaos. More information on Artifacts can be found at the "Making Your Creatures Stronger" section. Damaos will unlock yet another expansion on your castle, the Enchanter. Start the Ritual and go back to the Realms. You should also start the "More Creatures - Tier 2" Ritual now, as the Tier 3 is unlocked at level 8. The Brim Smith is a solid choice for a fourth creature now that you have the Blacksmith available. It receives triple Attack bonus from Artifacts. Once you finish Tier 2, start Tier 3 right away. Tier 3 only possess one creature that is a danger by itself, the Pit Wraith Redeemer. It will cause 150% damage and 2 rounds of Stun to any creature at 100% health it attacks. Make sure you collect 3 Brim Smith cores before you finish the Tier 3 tutorial. Remember that new creatures will not spawn until you change Realms.

"All artifacts have a certain number of stat slots. The exact number of slots is based on the artifact's level. To increase an artifact's level, simply equip it to a creature and use it to kill enemies. Sarea can enchant these stat slots with various magical properties. To enchant an artifact, you must first acquire crafting materials. I'm sure you've come across a few of these materials already during your travels." - Damaos

Once you finish building the Enchanter, it will unlock the Power Spell Ritual.

Getting The Good Stuff

Power Spells

"A Power Spell involves a short ritual that, upon completion, has the potential to reward you with extremely rare crafting materials, creature cores, and other items that cannot be found elsewhere." - Damaos

Of course, you have to build the room first and then do the ritual itself. Start the Goblet of Power Ritual. By this time, you will probably start to run out of resources to start rituals. During your travels, you will have come items called "Satchel of …". Those hold a small amount of the listed resource. Do not be afraid to use them all, if you haven't already. There is no upper cap to the amount of resources you can hold in your hands. The ritual requires level 15, which will also unlock the fifth slot on your party. If you have unlocked Tier 3 already, the best choice for the fifth slot is the Stronghold. As I said previously, it is the best general purpose tank in the game with its abilities to Taunt without fail and without penalties. Do not forget to set up its default strategy to Provoke.

At level 15, you already have the Tier 4 available, which is unlocked at level 12. Every single creature is a difficult battle at Tier 4, the most dangerous one being the Troll Arsonist. If you already have your Stronghold, or if you are feeling confident, unlock Tier 4 and get a Troll Arsonist for your team. Its bomb ability attacks a random enemy with 75% of its Attack as a fixed damage, and will activate even if he is confused, stunned, frozen, sleeping, or pretty much any time that it is not dead. The bomb will cause fixed damage that ignores any enemy condition meaning it will bypass shell, barrier, provoking and elemental defenses. On top of that, it is not considered an attack so it will not trigger abilities that go off on being attacked (Dryad Naturalist, Timeless Master, Minotaur Warrior, Willow Spirit). And on top of that, if the bomb does not kill an enemy, you still get to do your normal attack.

The least difficult enemies are the Mutant Swampdweller, which will cause Blight to your team, causing your healing spells and abilities to damage your party instead, and the Ebony Ent, that will automatically cast a barrier on itself for 35% of the damage you cause to it. The former is an easy enemy because at this point you don't have a way to consistently heal yourself and the latter can be pretty much one-hit killed by the right creatures on your team. By the way, Mend is not a heal spell.

With the Goblet of Power built, you can either make a spell with 5000 power, or hold until you have 10000 power. Regardless of your choice, once you are ready to start the Power Spell, you should increase your number of Rituals to 3. Power Spells do not use up any resources other than Power itself, but they still use one Ritual slot.

Once you start the Power Spell Ritual, Damaos will talk to you about Shards.

"As you know, you would normally need to gather energy from creatures to complete this ritual. However, there is another way to gather energy: by using shards. Shards contain the souls of dead creatures and when crushed, the energy is released and distributed to all of your active rituals." - Damaos

He will complete the ritual so you can receive the reward at the Goblet of Power and move to the next part.

Nether Creatures

"A Nether Creature is a far more powerful version of a normal creature. To obtain such a creature, you must first craft a Nether Egg and hatch it. When the creature emerges from its shell, it will be much stronger than it would have been if you had summoned it through the brazier in the Spell Chamber like normal. The best part about Nether Creatures is that you are able to directly control their strengths and weaknesses based on how you create the egg. This allows you to craft your ideal creature." - Hebron

"A lot of time and patience is needed to craft a Nether Egg. First, you must create and enchant a number of gems of your choosing. Then, you must acquire and activate a Nether Orb. Finally, you must collect a core of the creature you wish to hatch. With these materials in tow, you must seek out a Nether Creator in the Realms and have him create the egg for you. Then, you can finally hatch your egg." - Hebron

Nether Creatures are the first stage of the endgame content on this game. Everything you need to know about them is here. The primer is the following; the tutorial will have you create a balanced creature, but you don't have to, nether creatures level up much slower than normal ones, but their stats more than make up for that, and you won't have a second nether creature for a while. They ARE endgame content. Also, this is the last tutorial for a while, albeit a very long one.

Creating The Creature Gems

The first step is to construct the Gem Temple. Yes, it is another Ritual. Go ahead and do it. Once you are done, you will be required to create 15 creature gems. If you have already summoned the Stronghold, I suggest that you Nether it for the tutorial. It's pretty much the only creature that will stay in your army mid to late game regardless of your build, from all the creatures you can summon for now. Other choices include Fallen Carnage (Tier 3) and Raven Acolyte (Tier 5), as both are often used on endgame builds. Either way, pick any one of the creatures you have already summoned previously and make 15 creature gems. That will require 22500 essence total, 1500 for each gem.

The Gem Temple requires level 20, which means you have access to unlock Tier 5 (level 16), and Tier 6 (level 20) creatures. The Tier 5 contains some problematic creatures but not all of them, and none of them a problem by themselves. The Wicked Carver will receive a permanent 50% Attack bonus and an extra turn whenever you kill one of its allies. The bonus stacks and is multiplicative meaning the longer it takes for you to kill it, the more dangerous it becomes. The Brownie Mauler is a tank that counters with a stun attack. The Noxious Smog causes poison on attack. The Skeleton Sniper has a low chance to insta-kill you on attack. The Raven Acolyte will set everyone's HP to 65% at the start of the battle. This last one will both make your battles much easier and much harder, and will be very much part of any Arena (another endgame content) team.

If you can survive Tier 5, then Tier 6 will not hold much trouble to your team. There are only two creatures to watch for, The Necrotic Clutcher will cause Stone on attack, and the Siren Coercer will give Shell to its team at the start of the battle. There is a rare annoying battle with 6 Diabolic Watchman that is not really difficult, just annoying because of their huge HP pool. The Minotaur Earthshaker might surprise you with its ability to stun the entire team with a counterattack, but with 25% chance to go off, you may just never see it.

Enchanting The Creature Gems

After that, you must enchant all 15 gems with the enchantment of your choice. Again, despite the game telling you to enchant 3 gems of each 5 enchantments, you can do whatever you want here. You will still complete the tutorial as long as you enchant 15 gems. Each enchantment requires 2500 essence and power. That's 37500 power and 37500 essence. With the cost for crafting the gems, that's 37500 power and 60000 essence, so far. When you conclude this, you will be halfway there.

Upgrading The Gems

At this point, you may start to see a yellow dwarf in the Realms. Unlike all other dwarves, this one is not a gambler. Instead, he will purchase one of your gems, and pay you in Power. Try to make good use of him. You will also see some gift boxes around the Realms. Those level up your gems, for free. Blue boxes will always give you +1 level. Orange boxes will give you a bigger bonus, doubling your gem level. This is by far the longest process of creating a Nether Creature. Advanced players with excess resources can create gems at higher level or burn up resources to level up the gems at the Gem Temple but starting players have no options but to walk around the Realms seeking the boxes until all the necessary gems are level 10. To make the process slightly easier, use the blue boxes to level up all your gems up to level 5, and use the rarer orange boxes to go straight to level 10 with those. This way will greatly speed up the process, but it will still take long you enough.

Just so you know, there are nether orbs that can hold up to 40 gems. I strongly suggest that, if you have found a creature you want to Nether later on, you should start crafting and enchanting gems for it as a background task from now on, using up whatever ritual slots you happen to have available but keeping it low priority, although you should refrain from upgrading its gems at least until you're done with the tutorial creature.

The Arcane Vault

Meanwhile, until you have all your gems at level 10, there is more work to do. Speak to Damaos again and he will unlock the Arcane Vault Ritual. It requires level 25, and if you can do it, it means you can also unlock Tier 7 creatures (Level 24). One thing to understand about this game is that there is very little power creep. You have entire endgame builds centered around low level creatures like the Fallen Carnage, so a lot of new creatures are more or less slight variant of the same things you have already faced before. If you are confortably facing the Tier 6, the Tier 7 brings little surprise. The Dryad Raincaller can prove to be a nuisance if it is paired with Storms but is of little danger otherwise. The most dangerous creature is no doubt the Scourge Mummy with its ability to cause burn on your entire team at the start of the battle and keep it while it remains alive. If you are looking for a new creature for your team, the Cinder Devil can give Splash to all units surrounding it. Put it on the center column and your entire team will have the buff.

Go ahead and start the ritual and do not forget to keep upgrading your gems meanwhile. Once you finish it, speak to Damaos and he will give you a free Nether Orb, and explain how they work. You need to start a ritual for each activation, and the tutorial orb has 5 of those so, if you have the resources, go ahead and do it at the Spell Chamber. It costs 5000 power for each activation, and you need to do all 5 for the tutorial, bringing the total cost of the tutorial orb to 62500 power and 60000 essence.

The Nether Creator

Once you are done with the activations, Damaos will ask you to find a Nether Creator during your travels. He is responsible for creating the egg for you. There isn't much to be done about this, other than roaming around until you find him. Keep in mind that you should have all your gems at level 10 before you complete the next step. Make the egg and then speak to Damaos, and he will unlock the Hatchery for you to construct.

The Hatchery

This is the penultimate room on your castle. To build it, you need level 30, which you have probably attained a long time ago due to the time it takes to raise all gems to level 10. Start the ritual. We are quickly approaching the end of the Nether Egg tutorial, and of all tutorials, as well. To the Realms!

Once you finish it, Damaos will tell you to go to the Hatchery where you can… yes, start the Egg Hatching Tutorial. It takes 10000 power to start it, bringing the total to 72500 power and 60000 essence for the basic tutorial egg.

And the ritual takes 30000 energy. If you feel daunted about this information, and you lack Shards to make your task easier, remember you can choose to Portal to the Life Realm by using items, and hope for a Energy Portal there.

Once you are done, talk to Damaos again, and he will congratulate you. The tutorial quests are now done.

Regarding the creatures themselves, at this point you can unlock the Tier 8 creatures (level 28), if you haven't already. This tier brings very little when the topic is danger, but when the topic is utility, there are plenty of nice picks. The Unicorn Consecrator is the first dedicated healer available to you, healing the most damaged creature on your team by the same amount of damage caused when it attacks. The Necropolis is a tank capable of infecting the enemy team with multiple stacks of poison whenever it is attacked. The Mutant Rotmongerer is a potential tank capable of healing itself of 35% of its maximum health at the start of its own turn.

The End Game

The Arena

The last room to unlock is the Arena, if you haven't yet unlocked it. The construction Ritual unlocks at level 35 and is not linked to any quests, so you can do it as soon as you hit that level and you have the resources. The Arena is considered Endgame content since the battles are harder and the effects carry over from one battle to the next. You need an invitation to enter the Arena. You gain one for free from the Arena Masters once you build it, and you can also find more in treasure boxes and duty rewards, but mostly you need to buy more from the Arena shop itself, and that will cost you a lot of points. In fact, you need 19 victories just to replace your ticket.

At this point you can also unlock Tier 9 creatures (level 32). This tier brings utility with the very important Bone Reaper, the natural counter of a very powerful creature called Omnipotent Deity. There is also the Pit Wraith Dominator, a central creature to many healing-focused builds. The Volcanic Efreet is the natural counter for the Scourge Mummy, and the Light Hunter is the natural counter against any dedicated tanks with its 50% chance to instantly kill provoking enemies (Mummy Lord…).

With the Arena built, what's left are all the upgrades, which will take a while more, but not much, going all the way to level 60.

The Daily Realms

Getting Everything


Power Spells Revisited

Enchanter Revisited

Creature-less Materials

The Pandemonium King

'Sacrifice' materials


Things You Should Know

  • The Yellow Dwarf is not a gambler. He will purchase your unused gems for power. It is a good source of power early on.
  • Bynine sells Scrolls of Alteration for 1 Exalted Emblem that allows you to pick which Realm you are going to visit next. They are World Spells, cost 1% Power Balance and come with 5 charges.
  • Bynine also sells Capes that allow you to change your class for 15 Exalted Emblems.
  • You can convert three unused cores into minor sigils by going into your inventory, selecting a core and picking the 'Create a Minor Sigil' option.
  • You can sacrifice one unused core in order to make many of that creature appear on the next Realm you are going to visit by going into your inventory, selecting a core and picking the 'Sacrifice' option.
  • It is possible to gain access to creatures from unlocked tiers by using the sacrifice option. Doing so will make the locked creature appear on your next realm and your next realm only. You can then collect 3 more cores and summon it. Note that neither sacrificing the core, nor summoning the creature will unlock the creature. This will not work with Bynine or Paragon creatures since you cannot sacrifice their cores.

The L20K Bug

This is a known bug where, around the level 20 thousand, your experience will overflow and your levels will reset. This happens both to the Mage and the creatures themselves. A similar problem start to happen to the enemies themselves around Realm 28 thousand and their levels start to overflow. The developers are aware of the problem, but have claimed that this is a low priority issue since not many players manage to get this far in the game. It is unclear when it will be solved. This bug is not present on Siralim 2.

Pandemonium Tokens

  • Random consumable loot.
  • Give all your creatures a level.
  • Gain 2 Royalty Points.
  • All equiped artifacts gain a random Enchantment.
  • Gain a Shard.
  • Reveal map.
  • Gain some resources.
  • Lose some resources.
  • One of your gems lose a level.

Realm Details

Dungeon: Cores (Iron Maidens), Resources, Materials (Boxes), Resources (Tables).

Grassland: Gems (Pile of Gems), Resources, Materials (Vases), Random Loot (Nomad Tent).

Nature: Charm Artifact (Jewels), Resources (Wood).

Sorcery: Shield Artifact (Shield), Resources (Cauldron), Spells Scrolls (Books), Mage Exp (Telescope).

Class Difficulty

Making Effective Teams

They key for making effective teams is sinergy. Every creature should be there for a reason, both for its raw power alone as well as for how its ability contribute for the team. Keep in mind that a creature's ability is not the only ability it has access to. You can give it a second ability by enchanting one in an artifact and equipping it and Nether Demon creatures have access to a third ability, randomly picked at hatching but that can be changed at Bynine later on. However, creating a Nether Demon is very time consuming and most teams will not plan on having more than two of them. Still, your team will have access to anything between 12 and 18 abilities from the 300+ abilities available in-game.

With six creatures to pick from, a good team will have access to a Tank to redirect damage away from others, a Healer to heal or prevent damage to your creatures, an Afflictor to DoT or crowd control the enemy team, and a Heavy DPS able to one-hit-kill - or close to - the enemy creatures. The other two creatures will depend on your team strategy and should serve to enhance it.

Low Level Team Sinergy Examples

Creature Tiers

Tier S Creatures

Tier S creatures are ones whose power is effectively unlimited on their own. There are currently two Tier S creatures.

  • Paranormal Slime: This creature can copy the stats (but not the ability or the artifact) of any creature it attacks, meaning it will always be stronger than the enemies you are fighting, regardless of Realm Depth, as those stats will be further enhanced by Artifacts, Abilities and Perks. Pair it with a Transformation Mastery Artifact if you want to see the insanity ensued. This creature works better with Nature Mages as their Raid Perk pushes your team to the top of the Action Queue but with the right support can work with any class.
  • Timeless Master: Arguably (in my own opinion) the second most powerful creature in the game, its ability has 35% chance to reduce any creature's HP to exactly 1, regardless of either creature's stats, when attacked by it. This ability will work even if the Timeless Master is otherwise disabled by conditions like Stun, Silence or Sleep, and will work even if the Timeless Master is killed by the attack. Pair it with a Death Beckons Artifact, and put a second enchant with a 20% chance of giving it Taunt on hit (or go Nether Demon with Steadfast Resilience), and you will be able to tank any enemy team attacks, regardless of level difference. This creature works better with Life Mages as their Holy Defiance Perk, coupled with Mitigation Perk naturally caps damage taken at 17.5% Maximum Health and allows one to forgo Death Beckons (if one has Healing support) and enchant only Steadfast Resilience. However, a similar effect can be attained with the right support for other classes, or Death Beckons can be used.

Tier A Creatures

Tier A creatures are ones whose power allow them to instantly win any battle with the right setup. However, their power is not unlimited and they will be eventually outpowered by the enemies. There is currently only one Tier A creature.

  • Omnipotent Deity: This creature will hit all enemies with a fixed damage of 50% of his Attack value any time any creature on the battlefield dies for the first time. This damage ignores all buffs and debuffs like Barrier, Shell, Sleep or Stun. This damage can chain, if it kills another creature. Any creature means enemies OR allies, so you can trigger it by killing one of your own creatures. Under the right circunstances, this can easily lead to a chain reaction where all enemies are killed one after another after the first creature dies. This creature works better with Chaos Mages as their Sadistic Pleasure Perk adds fixed damage (up to 12.5% of target's Max HP) making the chain easier but it is powerful enough that you won't need the extra damage until very high Realm Depths.

Tier B Creatures

Tier B creatures are ones whose power allow them to turn the tide of the battle from a sure loss to a sure win with the right setup. However, their setup is mostly not dependent on themselves to work, or require a very specific setup. There is currently only one Tier B creature.

  • Fallen Carnage: This creature can become an insane killing machine paired with the ability Revulsion. This is a creature-less ability that gives you 100% Attack for your next attack for every creature that died on the last turn. The combo is based on the fact that the game only considers the turn to be ended when the next creature acts, and Fallen Carnage will keep getting extra turns whenever it kills someone. So once you kill your first creature, your immediate next attack will receive a 100% Attack boost, and if you kill another, your immediate next attack will receive another 200% Attack boost and so on. This ability will also stack with other Attack boosting abilities like Sacrimony and Whetted Fists. The limitations of this combo are that the Fallen Carnage must be the one that makes the kill, something that may not come easily while unboosted, and that the combo can be easily stopped by damage or death prevention abilities like Shell, Styx Cry or Final Breath.

Tier C Creatures

Tier C creatures are those whose power afford them the versatility to fit into nearly any party. Whichever your endgame party is, it will contain at least one of those creatures themselves, or their ability contained in an artifact. There are currently three Tier C creatures.

  • Priest of Light: This creature is the best direct healer in the game, able to heal all your team by 30% / 25% / 20% / 15% / 10% / 5% of their Maximum Health, and it does that without losing its turn. Pair it with a Coerced Coexistence artifact so it will heal something even if it loses its turn. Obviously better with a Life Mage as it will stack a Barrier of 25% of the healed value on top of the healing itself.
  • Raven Acolyte: This creature sets everyone's HP to 65% at the start of the battle. While it may seem a bad idea to set your own team's HP to 65%, this has the distinctive advantage of healing your creatures at the Arena up to 65% HP every battle. With regards to enemies, this makes obviously easier to set up kill chains for creatures like Omnipotent Deity and Fallen Carnage, as well as allowing you to extract cores from creatures right from the start of the battle. This creature has a 100% presence on any Arena team that does not have a way to directly heal themselves.
  • Stronghold: This creature is the best general purpose tank in the game, as its ability not only raises the Provoke chance from 65% to 100% but also prevents the Defense debuff that creatures incur when provoking. Nearly all teams will either carry this creature itself, or will give their chosen tank its ability in an artifact.

Tier D Creatures

Tier D Creatures are those whom are not the best at their role but they can still work under the right circumstances or if you are not going too deep into the Realms.

Tier F Creatures

Tier F Creatures are those whose power allows them a very strong hand under very specific circumstances, which usually cannot be forced and must arise on their own, making them unreliable. They are listed so you know to pay attention to them when they appear on the enemy team under those circumstances.

Non-Tier Creatures

Any creature not listed above is considered non-tier, meaning their power is either too situational, too weak, or effectively detrimental to your team.

Level Up Unlocks

  • Level 1: Elemental Realms Construction Rituals (Chaos Realm, Death Realm, Dungeon Realm, Grassland Realm, Life Realm, Nature Realm, Sorcery Realm, Winter Realm).
  • Level 2: Increases your party size to 2.
  • Level 4: More Creatures - Tier 2 Ritual.
  • Level 5: Increases your party size to 3.
  • Level 7: Blacksmith Construction Ritual (Heavy Shield, Necklace, Sword).
  • Level 8: More Creatures - Tier 3 Ritual.
  • Level 10:
    • Increases your party size to 4.
    • Shrine Upgrade 1 Ritual (Teleport directly to higher levels).
    • Enchanter Construction Ritual (Requires Blacksmith).
  • Level 12: More Creatures - Tier 4 Ritual.
  • Level 14: Blacksmith Forging Upgrade 1 Ritual (Armor, Boots, Helmet, Ring).
  • Level 15:
    • Increases your party size to 5.
    • Goblet of Power Ritual (Power Spells up to 10K Power).
  • Level 16: More Creatures - Tier 5 Ritual.
  • Level 20:
    • Increases your party size to 6.
    • Gem Temple Ritual.
    • More Creatures - Tier 6 Ritual.
    • Shrine Upgrade 2 Ritual (Teleport to Daily Realms).
  • Level 22: Blacksmith Forging Upgrade 2 Ritual (Axe, Gloves, Ribbon, Staff).
  • Level 24:
    • Enchanter Transmute Upgrade 1 Ritual (Better transmutation).
    • More Creatures - Tier 7 Ritual.
  • Level 25: Arcane Vault Ritual (Unlocks Nether Orb Activation).
  • Level 26: Imbued Goblet of Power Ritual (Free Power Spell / day).
  • Level 28:
    • Goblet of Power Upgrade 1 Ritual (Power Spells up to 15K Power).
    • More Creatures - Tier 8 Ritual.
  • Level 30:
    • Nether Hatchery Ritual (Unlocks Nether Egg Hatching).
    • Gem Temple Upgrade 1 Ritual (Chance to create higher level gems).
  • Level 32:
    • Blacksmith Forging Upgrade 3 Ritual (Bow, Cloak, Mace, Wizard Hat).
    • More Creatures - Tier 9 Ritual.
  • Level 35:
    • Arena Ritual (Unlocks Arena).
    • Minotaur Battlemaster Quest.
  • Level 36:
    • Enchanter Transmute Upgrade 2 Ritual (Better transmutation).
    • More Creatures - Tier 10 Ritual.
  • Level 38: Blacksmith Forging Upgrade 4 Ritual (Elemental Shields).
  • Level 40:
    • Goblet of Power Upgrade 2 Ritual (Power Spells up to 20K Power).
    • Mite Interloper Quest.
    • More Creatures - Tier 11 Ritual.
  • Level 42: Blacksmith Forging Upgrade 5 Ritual (Chance to create higher level artifacts).
  • Level 44:
    • Enchanter Transmute Upgrade 3 Ritual (Better transmutation).
    • More Creatures - Tier 12 Ritual.
  • Level 48:
    • More Creatures - Tier 13 Ritual.
    • Blacksmith Forging Upgrade 6 Ritual (Chance to create higher level artifacts).
  • Level 50:
    • Goblet of Power Upgrade 3 Ritual. (Power Spells up to 25K Power).
    • Wolpertinger Invader Quest.
  • Level 52: More Creatures - Tier 14 Ritual.
  • Level 54: Blacksmith Forging Upgrade 7 Ritual (Chance to create higher level artifacts).
  • Level 56: More Creatures - Tier 15 Ritual.
  • Level 58: Troll Alemaster Quest.
  • Level 60:
    • Gem Temple Upgrade 2 Ritual (Chance to create higher level gems).
    • Blacksmith Salvage Upgrade 1 Ritual (Better salvaging)
    • More Creatures - Tier 16 Ritual.

Castle Upgrades

Teleportation Shrine

  • Level 1: Teleport to a random level 1 Realm.
  • Level 10: Teleport directly to higher levels.
  • Level 20: Teleport to Daily Realms.


  • Level 7: Crafts Sword (++Attack), Shield (++Defense), and Necklace (++Luck).
  • Level 14: Crafts Armor (++Health), Boots (++Speed), Helmet (+Defense, +Health), and Ring (+Luck, +Speed).
  • Level 22: Crafts Axe (+Attack, +Luck), Gloves (+Health, +Speed), Ribbon (+Health, +Luck), Staff (+Attack, +Defense).
  • Level 32: Crafts Bow (+Attack, +Speed), Cloak (+Defense, +Speed), Mace (+Attack, +Health), Wizard Hat (+Defense, +Luck).
  • Level 38: Crafts Elemental (Chaos, Death, Life, Nature, Sorcery) Shields (++Elemental Defense).
  • Level 42: Chance to create higher level artifacts.
  • Level 48: Chance to create higher level artifacts.
  • Level 54: Chance to create higher level artifacts.
  • Level 60: Extracts better materials when salvaging artifacts.


  • Level 10: Enchant and Disenchant Artifacts, Transmutes Resources.
  • Level 24: Extracts more and better materials when transmutting.
  • Level 36: Extracts more and better materials when transmutting.
  • Level 44: Extracts more and better materials when transmutting.

Goblet of Power

  • Level 15: Allows Power Spells up to 10K Power.
  • Level 26: Allows casting one free instant Power Spell each day.
  • Level 28: Spells up to 15K Power.
  • Level 40: Spells up to 20K Power.
  • Level 50: Spells up to 25K Power.

Gem Temple

  • Level 20: Crafts Level 1 Gems, Enchant Gems, Upgrade Gems.
  • Level 30: Chance to create higher level gems.
  • Level 60: Chance to create higher level gems.

Making Your Creatures Stronger

Level Up Your Creatures

Levelling up a creature will give it 20% increase of its base (level 1) stats. This method is only partially useful as the enemies scale with the average level of your party. However, Nether Creatures, with their much higher base stats, will receive a big boon from level ups.

Spend Your Royalty Points on Perks

  • Damage: Each rank increases your creature's damage dealt by attacks by 1%. No max rank.
  • Dodge: Each rank grants your creatures a 1% chance to dodge incoming attacks. Max rank 20. Dodge chances DO NOT stack. Each source is rolled separatedly.
  • Experience Bonus: Increases the experience your creatures gain from battle by 1%. No max rank.
  • Increase Attack: Increase your creature's Attack by 1%. No max rank.
  • Increase Defense: Increase your creature's Defense by 1%. No max rank.
  • Increase Health: Increase your creature's Maximum Health by 1%. No max rank.
  • Increase Luck: Increase your creature's Luck by 1%. No max rank.
  • Increase Speed: Increase your creature's Speed by 1%. No max rank.
  • Mitigation: Each rank reduces the damage your creatures receive from incoming attacks by 1%. Max rank 50.
  • Piercing: Each rank reduces the effectiveness of your opponents' Defense by 1%. Max rank 50.
  • Spell Protection: Each rank decreases the damage your creatures take from spells by 1.5%. Max rank 10.

Hatch a Nether Creature

Hatch a Nether Demon Creature

  • 25% increased stats.
  • A random second ability that can be changed at Bynine.
  • A different color.

Equip Artifacts

An artifact will contain a basic bonus either enhancing one stat a lot, or enhancing two stats for half bonus each. On top of that, an artifact will contain up to 10 slots, according to its level, to add one legendary, or any number of rare or common enchantments. Alternatively, you can also add another bonus for a stat ranging from 25% to 100% of the basic bonus, and although the basic bonus cannot be changed, bonus from slots can be increased with the range being updated as your mage level increases. Rare enchantments that have a chance to cause a condition (positive or negative) have a hardcoded cap on chance of 20%. The Mite Skirmisher's "Gift of Evolution" ability doubles this chance for it. The Smith series of creatures are specialized in Artifact use.

Eating Pills

Eating a Pill increases the base value of a stat by a single point. Since it is a base stat increase, it will be applied retroactively and also add 0.2 points per level up. There are no limits of how many pills a creature can eat.

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