A duty is a task the player is given at the beginning of each new realm. Upon completion of the duty, the reward is experience points for the player and creatures, one royalty point, and some loot.

Fleeing a battle will cause the player to fail the current duty. Other than leaving to a new realm, this is the only way to fail a duty (verify). The player may travel to Siralim Castle via portal in the middle of a duty, then return to the realm to finish it.

Duty Types

Cleanse Cursed Treasure Chest

One of the treasure chests in the realm is cursed. The player has to battle an enemy pack before looting it and completing the duty.

Collect Resource Nodes

The player needs to collect a certain number of resource nodes in the current realm.

Extract Cores

The player has to extract cores from a certain number of a particular creature, which will appear frequently in the realm. Note that the requirement is to extract cores from a number of creatures, not to extract a certain number of cores. Therefore the Extraction Bonus ability is of no help.

Kill All Enemies

The player simply needs to kill every wandering creature pack in the realm. The number of remaining packs is shown to the player on screen while this duty is active.

Kill Specific Enemies

The player is asked to kill a certain number of a specific enemy, which will appear more frequently in the realm.

Rescue Citizen

The player is asked to find and rescue a Siralim citizen somewhere in the realm. Upon interacting with the citizen, the player is thrown into a battle against an enemy pack. Defeating this pack completes the duty.

Seal Demonic Statues

The player has to find and interact with a number of demonic statues. The statues do not produce their usual random events.

Search Breakable Objects

The player is asked to collect a number of items (e.g., "9 Black Potions") which are hidden in breakable objects within the realm.

Subdue Runaway Creatures

The player must find and subdue some runaway creatures. These creatures look the same as wandering creature packs, but they don't move. When the player interacts with a runaway creature, one of two things will happen: the player's creatures will convince it to go home, or it will become hostile, in which case the player must defeat it in battle. Once defeated, the creature will agree to go home. In deeper realm levels, these creatures can be extremely powerful.

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