Daily Realms

Daily Realms

From Licktorr:

"A Daily Realm is much larger and more difficult than a normal Realm. Every King or Queen in the entire world will visit the same exact Daily Realm each day, so you can discuss your adventures with your friends - after all, they'll have encountered the same enemies and treasure as you have!

As the name might imply, you can only visit a Daily Realm once per day. To clear a Daily Realm, you must defeat all of the enemies contained within. After clearing a Daily Realm, the difficulty of the next Daily Realm you visit will increase. But if you die, your clear streak will reset.

The more consecutive Daily Realms you clear in a row, the greater your reward. Some items can only be obtained by reaching a certain clear streak!

And don't worry - you don't have to visit a Daily Realm every single day; your clear streak will continue right where you left off, even if you take a break for a long time.

(Please note that Daily Realms are intended to be a late-game activity. They are extremely rewarding, but may be frustratingly difficult early on. Don't give up - just keep upgrading your creatures and try to break your streak record from last time!)"


Each day you can speak to Licktorr to see the daily statistics. This includes how many people completed the realm, how many died, how many enemies were slain, how many treasure chests opened, how many destructible objects were broken, and the highest clear streak anyone has reached that day.

Rewards: Uncertain if pills are random

One day streak: 5 of each basic crafting material
Two day streak: One of each bottled fairy (gives power balance)
Three day streak: 10 minor sigils of various races
5: Violet Dye
10: Orange Dye + nether orb
15: Salmon Dye + nether orb
17: Pill of attack
20: Whirling Shards + Spring Green Dye
23: Pill of Health
25: Nether egg + Fuchsia Dye
27: Pill of Luck
30: Orange nether orb (10 act, 30 gems) + Olive Dye
33: Pill of Speed
35: 4 screens of legendary materials + Sea Green Dye
36: Pill of Chaos Defense
37: Pill of Chaos Defense
38: Plll of Nature Defense
39: Pill of Sorcery Defense
40: 15 Golden Tickets + Aquamarine Dye
41: Pill of Nature Defense
42: Pill of Chaos Defense
43: Pill of Death Defense
44: Pill of Sorcery Defense
45: 3 pages of legendary materials + Maroon Dye
50: demon egg + Gold Dye

After that, dyes are no longer rewarded every 5 stages.

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