Zealot Occultist
Zealot Occultist Tier: 20
Occultist (Sorcery)
29 Health
29 Attack
19 Speed
19 Luck
14 Life Def
16 Nature Def
21 Sorcery Def
16 Chaos Def
16 Death Def


Creature gains 3% Defense for each point of mana you spend.

Material: legendary-material-icon.pngZealot Rune

Zealot Occultists specialize in dispelling harmful magic effects from themselves and their allies. This is a complex practice that requires a substantial amount of skill.

Mixed utility at best unless combined with the Mana Blast spell, which nearly doubles the Zealot's Defense due to its high 60 MP cost. Best enchanted onto another creature with higher natural Health and Defense then combined with a Disciple Occultist to enable reusable resources.

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