Wyvern Skystalker
Wyvern Skystalker Tier: 15
Wyvern (Sorcery)
37 Health
32 Attack
21 Speed
16 Luck
9 Life Def
19 Nature Def
21 Sorcery Def
16 Chaos Def
9 Death Def


After attacking, 50% chance to afflict Scorn on the target and the enemy in its column for 3 turns.

Material: legendary-material-icon.pngBrutal Roar

Wyvern Skystalkers patrol the skies in search of prey wandering the Grasslands. When they find a target, these creatures swoop down and quickly bite the head off of the victim before it has any time to react.

One of four sources of Scorn in the game. If the player wishes reliable affliction, an enchant of the Pit Guard's Hellspawn ability for a pair of WildImps will give you a combined ~72% chance to inflict Scorn on your target.

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