Wyvern Daybreaker
Wyvern Daybreaker Tier: 26
Wyvern (Sorcery)
41 Health
36 Attack
21 Speed
16 Luck
9 Life Def
16 Nature Def
18 Sorcery Def
16 Chaos Def
6 Death Def

Wings of Despair:

After defending, the Action Queue is reshuffled and this monster is sent to the bottom of it.

Material: legendary-material-icon.pngFierce Roar

Wyvern Daybreakers use their massive wings to unleash powerful blasts of wind at their opponents, sending them tumbling to the ground. While its enemy tries to regain its footing, the Wyvern Daybreaker lunges forward and tears the victim apart with its sharp claws and teeth.

A combo ability, best combined with other After Defending abilities and turn manipulation or stat buffing. Also appreciates a partner with the same ability, since the creature using this invariably cannot proc itself as the next monster.

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