Wyvern Airslayer
Wyvern Airslayer Tier: 22
Wyvern (Sorcery)
38 Health
33 Attack
19 Speed
14 Luck
8 Life Def
18 Nature Def
20 Sorcery Def
18 Chaos Def
8 Death Def


When this creature is attacked at 100% health, it has a 95% chance to dodge.

Material: legendary-material-icon.pngN/A

The Wyvern Airslayer is a majestic creature with a sharp eye. It can seemingly predict its opponent's next move and is almost always capable of adapting to the situation at hand.

Properly supported, one of the best tanks in the game. Combine with Styx Banshee to make the blow that slips through deals only one damage, along with an enchant of Dragon Queen's Reactive Dragon Wings and Mend to ensure that the hit procs a free turn on which the one point of damage will be healed.

Scourge Mummy is this creature's hard counter; bring a Volcanic Efreet as well or suffer should you have unlocked him.

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