Witch Doctor Shaman
Witch Doctor Shaman Tier: 18
Witch Doctor (Nature)
30 Health
35 Attack
12 Speed
20 Luck
15 Life Def
17 Nature Def
14 Sorcery Def
19 Chaos Def
20 Death Def

Dark Signs:

Your spells deal 50% more damage and cost 50% more mana. Ability can only activate once per spell.

Material: legendary-material-icon.pngShadow Fetish

The Witch Doctor Shaman calls upon the elements to empower all magic cast in its vicinity.

One of the creatures necessary to the Wizard who intends to run a Spell build. Not recommended if you prefer to inflict status elements with your Spells as it will actively punish you for doing so by increasing spell cost for no benefit.

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