Witch Doctor Ritualist
Witch Doctor Ritualist Tier: 27
Witch Doctor (Nature)
29 Health
34 Attack
11 Speed
19 Luck
16 Life Def
19 Nature Def
16 Sorcery Def
21 Chaos Def
21 Death Def

Ordinary Abnormality:

At the start of the battle, your creatures swap Health, Attack, Luck, or Defense (determined randomly) with that of the enemies.

Material: legendary-material-icon.pngDeformed Fetish

The Witch Doctor Ritualist is in constant search of a more powerful soul to occupy its body. When it finds a viable prospect, it releases its current soul into the afterlife and steals that of its victim.

One of the possible choices for infinite depth builds. Multiple instances of this ability will roll at the same time, but stats cannot be swapped more than once; if two instances of Ordinary Abnormality both select Luck, it will be swapped only once and the second effect will be wasted.

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