Witch Doctor Inscriber
Witch Doctor Inscriber Tier: n/a
Witch Doctor (Nature)
29 Health
34 Attack
11 Speed
19 Luck
14 Life Def
19 Nature Def
16 Sorcery Def
21 Chaos Def
21 Death Def


After killing an enemy, 15% chance to gain a Minor Sigil. If this happens, 30% chance to convert it to a Major Sigil.

Material: legendary-material-icon.pngFalse Fetish

The Witch Doctor Inscriber has a peculiar obsession with Sigils. Some adept Witch Doctor Inscribers are even able to carve and enchant their own Sigils which they treasure with their lives.

Cores for this creature can be purchased from Bynine at 10 Emblems per core.

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