Troll Knife Juggler
Troll Knife Juggler Tier: 24
Troll (Chaos)
37 Health
37 Attack
19 Speed
18 Luck
14 Life Def
11 Nature Def
17 Sorcery Def
17 Chaos Def
11 Death Def

Knife Flurry:

After one of your other creatures attack, this creature has a 30% chance to deal damage equal to 25% of its speed to the target.

Material: legendary-material-icon.pngBubbling Troll Blood

Unlike other Trolls, the Troll Knife Juggler is a dexterous, knife-throwing creature that prefers to stand on the sidelines rather than jumping into the heat of battle. It hurls giant knives at its enemies while its allies keep it safe from harm.

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