Treasure Golem
Treasure Golem Tier: n/a
Golem (Sorcery)
50 Health
30 Attack
20 Speed
15 Luck
16 Life Def
16 Nature Def
16 Sorcery Def
16 Chaos Def
16 Death Def

Great Greed:

Immune to all spells. Ignores all debuffs. Tries to run from battles. Drops resources when attacked.

Material: legendary-material-icon.pngn/a

These can be found randomly in realms. It runs away and needs to be caught to start a battle. Every time you hit the golem, it drops resources. It will eventually flee from the fight (unless killed quickly.)

Cores cannot be extracted, so this creature cannot be summoned.

Battles with other creatures can still occur when chasing the treasure golem, and the chase will resume when battle is complete.

There is a theory that the golem stays for more turns before fleeing the faster you catch it on the map. (Ie. It flees on the first turn if you take forever to catch it on the realm map.)

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