Skeleton Mortarman
Skeleton Mortarman Tier: 24
Skeleton (Death)
30 Health
40 Attack
20 Speed
20 Luck
12 Life Def
11 Nature Def
11 Sorcery Def
11 Chaos Def
12 Death Def

Mortar Combat:

When attacking, does not deal damage to target directly but deals 40% to 60% of the damage to each enemy, including its target.

Material: legendary-material-icon.pngEye of Rage

Skeleton Mortarmen have discovered a way to create non-magical explosions that engulf their enemies in fire. These creatures are often summoned during sieges to quickly bring down the opposing castle's walls.

Enemy Mortarmen are one of the biggest threats for teams that rely on a tank to absorb enemy attacks.

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