Raven Acolyte
Raven Acolyte Tier: 5
Raven (Sorcery)
38 Health
28 Attack
17 Speed
17 Luck
14 Life Def
15 Nature Def
20 Sorcery Def
15 Chaos Def
20 Death Def

Everything's Gone:

At the start of battle, set all creatures' health equal to 65% of their Maximum Health.

Material: legendary-material-icon.pngDecrepit Wishbone

Raven Acolytes serve their Raven King with unmatched loyalty. They fight with a level of unity and cooperation that cannot be replicated by other creatures.

The Raven Acolyte's ability, Everything's Gone, takes on a very different significance in the Arena, where your creatures' health is carried over from battle to battle, and dead creatures from the previous battle begin the next with 1 hp. Your creatures are healed up to 65% health if they're below that. This healing is affected by Blight.

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