Pit Worm Harbinger
Pit Worm Harbinger Tier: 23
Pit Worm (Death)
49 Health
29 Attack
15 Speed
15 Luck
8 Life Def
15 Nature Def
16 Sorcery Def
15 Chaos Def
18 Death Def


Your creatures have 10% more Attack, Defense, Luck, Speed, and Maximum Health for each battle won in the current Realm.

Material: legendary-material-icon.pngScreeching Maggots

Pit Worm Harbingers burrow deep beneath the earth, waiting for unsuspecting prey to walk overhead. When this creature senses movement above, it unleashes a terrifying roar as it drags its prey down into the abyss where it safely devours its meal.

The Harbinger's ability does not work in the Arena, and will not activate in sigil battles either.

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