Pit Worm Gladiator
Pit Worm Gladiator Tier: 15
Pit Worm (Death)
48 Health
28 Attack
15 Speed
14 Luck
8 Life Def
15 Nature Def
18 Sorcery Def
15 Chaos Def
18 Death Def

Impenetrable Carapace:

Enemies deal damage to this creature as if they have 60% less Attack.

Material: legendary-material-icon.pngHungry Maggots

The Pit Worm Gladiator steals the weapons and armor of the knights it kills and uses these items for its own benefit in combat. This creature is skillful at using its mouth to wield a sword or axe, and crushes armor into plates that it wears on its sides for additional protection.

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