Omnipotent Deity
Omnipotent Deity Tier: 19
Demigod (Life)
38 Health
28 Attack
15 Speed
19 Luck
18 Life Def
15 Nature Def
15 Sorcery Def
15 Chaos Def
18 Death Def


When a creature is killed, enemies take damage equal to 50% of this creature's Attack. Ability can only trigger once per side for each death.

Material: legendary-material-icon.pngDisk of Meteors

The Omnipotent Deity delivers swift justice to those with ill intentions toward its allies. This creature is known for exhibiting a distinct lack of mercy toward its foes.

Calamity is one of the most devastating abilities in the game, capable of wiping out the entire enemy team in one disastrous chain reaction. The description isn't entirely clear, but the ability can trigger once per side per dying creature, and it is triggered by the death of creatures on either team. If a creature is killed by Calamity, then Calamity is triggered again by that creature's death, and so on.

For the artifact with calamity enchanted, the thing to notice is that the actual explosion damage is 50% of the attack of the creature who equips the artifact, which means you should equip the artifact on your highest attack creature. Also any death in the battle (no matter who triggers the death) would cause an explosion. (again, this ability is too op)

When facing an enemy Omnipotent Deity, it is imperative to kill it first, unless you have the Bone Reaper's Eternal Rest ability, which negates Calamity.

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