Nightmare Mummy
Nightmare Mummy Tier: 29
Mummy (Death)
41 Health
26 Attack
15 Speed
15 Luck
18 Life Def
18 Nature Def
18 Sorcery Def
18 Chaos Def
18 Death Def

Curse of the Silent:

You and your opponent can no longer cast spells in battle.

Material: legendary-material-icon.pngCursed Wrappings

The Nightmare Mummy is surrounded by a ward that absorbs and eradicates any spell that is cast in its presence.

This ability greatly increases the predictability of combat, since each creature can only choose from three actions, attack, defend, or provoke, rather than also having over a hundred spell options.

If all Cursed Mummies (and creatures with the Curse of the Silent ability) are killed, player and opponent may once again cast spells.

This ability is pointless in the Arena as spells are disallowed there already.

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