Nexus Amaranth
Nexus Amaranth Tier: n/a
Amaranth (Life)
28 Health
28 Attack
14 Speed
19 Luck
18 Life Def
18 Nature Def
18 Sorcery Def
18 Chaos Def
18 Death Def

Memento Mori:

If this creature is still alive at the end of battle, 20% chance to create an Exalted Emblem for you. Ability can only activate once per battle.

Material: legendary-material-icon.pngN/A

Nexus Amaranths are responsible for introducing Exalted Emblems to our world. Very little is known about these items or what connection they have to these mysterious creatures.

Cores for this creature can be purchased from Bynine at 20 Emblems per core.

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