Mutant Scourgewalker
Mutant Scourgewalker Tier: 23
Mutant (Death)
40 Health
35 Attack
12 Speed
15 Luck
13 Life Def
9 Nature Def
19 Sorcery Def
19 Chaos Def
19 Death Def

Mirror's Truth:

When attacked, 25% (50% while provoking) to prevent the damage and deal damage to the attacker equal to 50% of this creature's Luck.

Material: legendary-material-icon.pngLiving Tentacle

Mutant Scourgewalkers are obsessed with their own appearance, believing that they are beauty incarnate. They are also very jealous. If this creature perceives someone or something to be more beautiful than itself, it will quickly butcher the unsuspecting victim.

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