Fallen Carnage
Fallen Carnage Tier: 3
Carnage (Death)
42 Health
32 Attack
17 Speed
14 Luck
14 Life Def
14 Nature Def
16 Sorcery Def
17 Chaos Def
17 Death Def

Midnight Feast:

When this creature kills an enemy, recover 50% health, gain Multistrike for 3 turns, and take an additional turn.

Material: legendary-material-icon.pngFallen Hook

The Fallen Carnage is one of the most savage creatures in existence. This creature is notorious for intentionally keeping its victims alive as it slowly devours them from the bottom up.

Only a direct attack which kills the targeted creature will trigger this ability. Killing with a spell, the Splash buff, or any other method will not trigger it.

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