Cinder Devil
Cinder Devil Tier: 7
Devil (Chaos)
37 Health
32 Attack
13 Speed
13 Luck
16 Life Def
17 Nature Def
17 Sorcery Def
17 Chaos Def
14 Death Def

A Little Piece of Hell:

Creature and your surrounding creatures always have Splash.

Material: legendary-material-icon.pngHeaven Breaker

Cinder Devils are sinister demons born from the fiery rivers of the Chaos realm. These creatures wield a blazing scimitar which they use to cause irreparable harm to their opponents.

This creature can greatly enhance an attack-heavy team. When placed in the center column, it grants Splash to every member of the team. A powerful attacker such as the Brim Smith can be devastating with Splash.

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