Blood Reaper
Blood Reaper Tier: 6
Reaper (Death)
37 Health
38 Attack
14 Speed
14 Luck
19 Life Def
13 Nature Def
13 Sorcery Def
14 Chaos Def
19 Death Def

Death Pact:

When attacked, and the damage would kill this creature, one of your creatures is instead killed at random and this creature gains a Barrier that absorbs damage equal to the slain creature's Maximum Health.

Material: legendary-material-icon.pngBloodstained Scythe Blade

The Blood Reaper is a menacing creature that sacrifices its own allies to ensure its survival. It does not distinguish between friend or foe on the battlefield.

The Blood Reaper can be used to take down a much tougher enemy, by killing everything except the tough enemy and the Reaper, then making a fatal attack against the Reaper. The tough enemy will be sacrificed, and although the Reaper will gain a huge Barrier, it'll be much easier to deal with.

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