A table containing all creatures' stats can be found at Creature Stats

Savage Banshee
Scourge Mummy
Scourge Smog
Sentry Guard
Servant Hunter
Shadow Carnage
Shadow Reaper
Silver Imler
Siren Ascendant
Siren Beguiler
Siren Coercer
Siren Oracle
Siren Purifier
Siren Soothsayer
Skeleton Cannoneer
Skeleton Gunslinger
Skeleton Marksman
Skeleton Mortarman
Skeleton Sniper
Skeleton Triggerman
Skull Devil
Smoke Devil
Sorcery Shapeshifter
Soul Reaper
Spider Occultist
Spitting Pit Worm
Springtime Aspect
Stardust Amaranth
Steampowered Pilwiz
Stone Devil
Stone Giant
Storm Lord
Styx Banshee
Succubus Spirit
Summer Aspect
Sunclaw Gargoyle
Tainted Imling
Terror Hound
Thrasher Fiend
Thunder Storm
Thunderstruck Phoenix
Timeless Master
Timeworn Ent
Topaz Paragon
Tortured Banshee
Tower Giant
Transcended Phoenix
Treasure Golem
Troll Alemaster
Troll Arsonist
Troll Berserker
Troll King
Troll Knife Juggler
Troll Necksnapper
Twisted Carver
Twisted Devil
Unchained Djinn
Unguided Amaranth
Unicorn Consecrator
Unicorn Holycaster
Unicorn Stormbringer
Unicorn Vivifier
Vampire Bat
Varve Imling
Venomous Clutcher
Vicious Pit Worm
Viper Occultist
Vital Clutcher
Volatile Phoenix
Volcanic Efreet
Wall Giant
War Priest
Water Priest
Wicked Carver
Wildfire Efreet
Willow Spirit
Winter Aspect
Witch Doctor Hexer
Witch Doctor Inscriber
Witch Doctor Necromancer
Witch Doctor Ritualist
Witch Doctor Sacrificer
Witch Doctor Shaman
Wolpertinger Invader
Wyvern Airslayer
Wyvern Daybreaker
Wyvern Skystalker
Wyvern Sonicscreecher
Wyvern Windrider
Zealot Occultist

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