Creature List

This is just a list of all the creatures known to exist in the game. The purpose is to make them all show up in the Missing Pages list.

The Library currently contains 342 creature pages.

Abaddon Guard
Abyss Banshee
Accursed Pit Worm
Ancestral Phoenix
Ancient Ent
Ancient Spirit
Angel Soulslayer
Anguish Banshee
Annihilator Fiend
Ashwood Ent
Autumn Aspect
Berserker Fiend
Bile Slime
Black Crystal Smith
Blood Hound
Blood Reaper
Blood Slime
Bloodfang Gargoyle
Bone Reaper
Boulder Imler
Brim Smith
Brownie Brute
Brownie Captain
Brownie Enforcer
Brownie Mauler
Brownie Trickster
Cancerous Smog
Carnage Antagonizer
Carnage Tormenter
Carver Heartseeker
Carver Sadist
Carver Shadowstalker
Ceaseless Maker
Celestial Idol
Chaos Guard
Chaos Shapeshifter
Cinder Devil
Clairvoyant Spirit
Colossal Giant
Corrupted Phoenix
Cosmic Giant
Creep Mummy
Crypt Bat
Crystal Smith
Cursed Reaper
Dark Brim Smith
Death Bat
Death Crafter
Death Guard
Death Shapeshifter
Delirious Ghoul
Delusion Occultist
Demented Carver
Depravity Smith
Destroyer Fiend
Destruction Banshee
Diabolic Commander
Diabolic Henchman
Diabolic Intruder
Diabolic Menace
Diabolic Nemesis
Diabolic Observer
Diabolic Spectator
Diabolic Watchman
Diamond Imling
Diamond Paragon
Disciple Occultist
Disease Crafter
Djinn Arcanomancer
Djinn Dreamweaver
Djinn Evoker
Djinn Illusionist
Djinn Pyromancer
Doom Clutcher
Doom Devil
Doom Mummy
Dragon Guardian
Dragon Queen
Dragon Revenant
Dragon Sentinel
Dragon Soldier
Dread Hound
Dryad Keeper
Dryad Naturalist
Dryad Proliferator
Dryad Raincaller
Dryad Vindicator
Dryad Warden
Dusktail Gargoyle
Ebony Ent
Ectoplasm Slime
Elder Ent
Emerald Paragon
Enclave Amaranth
Ethereal Clutcher
Exalted Spirit
Faith Hunter
Fallen Carnage
Fire Priest
Firewound Angel
Flamegrip Clutcher
Flaring Efreet
Forest Priest
Frenzy Ghoul
Frost Phoenix
Frostfire Efreet
Frozen Spirit
Giant Mangler
Gimp Mummy
Glutinous Slime
Gold Golem
Goldblight Angel
Goretongue Gargoyle
Granite Golem
Hammer Lord
Harpy Eyegouger
Harpy Hag
Harpy Pillager
Harpy Queen
Harpy Screamer
Harpy Torturer
Haunted Golem
Hell Hound
Hemlock Ent
Horror Hound
Hunter Director
Hysteria Ghoul
Icewound Angel
Immortal King
Impaler Banshee
Imperial Angel
Incursion Reaper
Infernal Guard
Infinite Lord
Iron Golem
Iron Imler
Leda Imling
Lethal Smog
Lich Hellcaster
Lich King
Lich Overseer
Lich Priest
Lich Shadowcaster
Life Shapeshifter
Light Hunter
Magma Golem
Maniacal Ghoul
Master Shapeshifter
Mauler Fiend
Mercurial Slime
Minotaur Battlemaster
Minotaur Behemoth
Minotaur Earthshaker
Minotaur Juggernaut
Minotaur Skullcrusher
Minotaur Warrior
Mirage Occultist
Mite Gravedigger
Mite Interloper
Mite Invader
Mite Skirmisher
Mite Webweaver
Mithril Imler
Moon Hunter
Moss Golem
Mountain Priest
Mouth of Hell
Mummy Lord
Mutant Bonescraper
Mutant Rotmonger
Mutant Scourgewalker
Mutant Seacrawler
Mutant Spinewhipper
Mutant Swampdweller
Mutated Crypt Bat
Mutated Pulse Bat
Mutated Vampire Bat
Nature Shapeshifter
Necrotic Clutcher
Nexus Amaranth
Nightmare Golem
Nightmare Mummy
Nightwing Gargoyle
Noxious Smog
Occultist Spellbinder
Omnipotent Deity
Panic Hound
Paranormal Slime
Pestilence Crafter
Pestilent Smog
Phase Executioner
Phase Knight
Phase Marauder
Phase Paladin
Phase Spellblade
Pit Guard
Pit Worm Gladiator
Pit Worm Harbinger
Pit Worm Tunneler
Pit Wraith Dominator
Pit Wraith Liberator
Pit Wraith Lord
Pit Wraith Overmind
Pit Wraith Redeemer
Planetary Amaranth
Priest Vizier
Priest of Light
Priest of Radiance
Pulse Bat
Putrid Imling
Raging Efreet
Rancid Imling
Raptor Occultist
Rapturous Ghoul
Raven Acolyte
Raven Batmaster
Raven Bloodmage
Raven Defiler
Raven King
Raven Ritualist
Raving Storm
Red Storm
Redstone Imler
Regal Golem
Rotten Carnage
Royal Phoenix
Ruby Paragon
Sand Giant
Sandstone Imler
Sapphire Paragon
Scourge Mummy
Scourge Smog
Servant Hunter
Shadow Carnage
Shadow Reaper
Silver Imler
Siren Ascendant
Siren Beguiler
Siren Coercer
Siren Oracle
Siren Purifier
Siren Soothsayer
Skeleton Cannoneer
Skeleton Gunslinger
Skeleton Marksman
Skeleton Mortarman
Skeleton Sniper
Skeleton Triggerman
Skull Devil
Sorcery Shapeshifter
Soul Reaper
Spider Occultist
Spitting Pit Worm
Springtime Aspect
Stardust Amaranth
Steampowered Pilwiz
Stone Devil
Stone Giant
Storm Lord
Styx Banshee
Succubus Spirit
Summer Aspect
Sunclaw Gargoyle
Tainted Imling
Terror Hound
Thrasher Fiend
Thunder Storm
Thunderstuck Phoenix
Timeless Master
Timeworn Ent
Topaz Paragon
Tortured Banshee
Tower Giant
Troll Alemaster
Troll Arsonist
Troll Berserker
Troll King
Troll Knife Juggler
Troll Necksnapper
Twisted Carver
Twisted Devil
Unchained Djinn
Unguided Amaranth
Unicorn Consecrator
Unicorn Holycaster
Unicorn Stormbringer
Unicorn Vivifier
Vampire Bat
Varve Imling
Venomous Clutcher
Vicious Pit Worm
Viper Occultist
Vital Clutcher
Volatile Phoenix
Volcanic Efreet
Wall Giant
War Priest
Water Priest
Wicked Carver
Wildfire Efreet
Willow Spirit
Winter Aspect
Witch Doctor Hexer
Witch Doctor Inscriber
Witch Doctor Necromancer
Witch Doctor Ritualist
Witch Doctor Sacrificer
Witch Doctor Shaman
Wolpertinger Invader
Wyvern Airslayer
Wyvern Daybreaker
Wyvern Skystalker
Wyvern Sonicscreecher
Wyvern Windrider
Zealot Occultist

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