Crafting Material

Crafting materials are items which are used by the Enchanter to grant additional bonuses to artifacts. They can be found in treasure chests and breakable objects, as rewards for duties and sigils, or obtained from power spells or vendors. The Enchanter is also able to transmute materials into different materials at random, in exchange for brimstone and crystal.

Common materials have a white icon and give basic bonuses to stats like Attack or Speed.

Rare materials have blue icons and provide more interesting bonuses, such as increased damage inflicted to or reduced damage taken from particular creature types, a chance to gain or inflict various status effects, or increased resource gain.

Legendary materials have orange icons and are by far the most powerful enchantments. An artifact enchanted with a legendary material either gives its wielder a full-time buff (e.g. the creature always has Mend), or grants the ability of a different creature. For every creature ability in the game, there is a legendary material which can enchant an artifact with that ability. In this way, it is possible to combine any two abilities in the game in the same creature. Certain combinations of abilities can be very powerful, and so obtaining legendary materials is a primary focus in the early and mid-game.

Material Trait Description Trait Name Creature
White Femur All creatures deal 50% more damage. This ability does not stack. Throw Down the Gauntlet Savage Banshee
Scorched Wrappings Enemies are afflicted with Burn for 5 turns at the start of battle. Blazefury Scourge Mummy
Lethal Poison When attacking, 20% chance (7% against Nether Creatures) to kill target for each of target's Poison, Disease, and Infection debuffs. Extermination Scourge Smog
Broken Mirror Your creatures start battle with one of the following buffs: BombMaggots, DeathKnight, DireWolves, Fiendlings, SeaSnakes, Splinters. Portal Summoner Sentry Guard
Sharp Glaive Components After attacking, deal 35% damage to two other enemies and afflict them with Bleed for 3 turns. Razorsharp Servant Hunter
Shadow Hook After attacking, reduce target's Attack by 50%. Shadow Touch Shadow Carnage
Shadow Scythe Blade After attacking, 65% chance to afflict target with Haunt for 3 turns. Dead Eyes Shadow Reaper
Trivium When attacking, 20% chance to kill target. Kirisute Gomen Shogun
Silver Jewel Creature has additional Attack equal to that of its Imling partner. Camaraderie Silver Imler
Turbulent Melody At the start of this creature's turn, heal one of your damaged creatures for 50% health. Coerced Coexistence Siren Ascendant
Charming Melody After attacking, swap position on the Action Queue with that of the target. Siren Charms Siren Beguiler
Seductive Melody Your creatures start each battle with Shell. In Plain View Siren Coercer
Fortuitious Melody At the start of battle, your creatures gain a Barrier that absorbs damage equal to 25% of their Maximum Health. Filtered Truth Siren Oracle
Ritualistic Melody After one of your creatures is healed for more than 15% of its Maximum Health, it gains Shell. Become the Sky Siren Purifier
Soothing Melody Your creatures gain 1 additional minion whenever they gain a minion buff, and the maximum number of minions they can have is increased by 1. Does not work on DeathKnights. Colony Siren Soothsayer
Eye of Undeath At the start of this creature's turn, recover 50% of missing health. Carry On Skeleton Cannoneer
Eye of Innovation After attacking an enemy in the front row, deal 50% damage to the enemy behind it and Stun both creatures for 1 turn. Bullet Ride Skeleton Gunslinger
Eye of Persistence At the end of each creature's turn, this creature has a 20% chance to move to the top of the Action Queue. Itchy Finger Skeleton Marksman
Eye of Rage When attacking, does not deal damage to target directly but deals 40% to 60% of the damage to each enemy, including its target. Mortar Combat Skeleton Mortarman
Eye of Accuracy When attacking, has a chance to kill the target. The lower the target's health, the higher the chance that it will be killed. Head Shot Skeleton Sniper
Eye of Endurance While below 60% health, deal 250% more damage. Danger Line Skeleton Triggerman
Devil Axe Handle After attacking, afflict target with Fear for 5 turns. Terrorize Skull Devil
Cigar Your creatures take 5% less damage for each debuff they have. Fade Smoke Devil
Purple Morphing Crest Creature gains all the enemy Sorcery creatures' abilities at the start of battle. Transformation of Sorcery Sorcery Shapeshifter
Soul Scythe Blade When your other creatures die, they have a 50% chance to be resurrected with 35% health. Day of the Dead Soul Reaper
Spider Rune Creature deals more damage equal to 150% of the amount of Luck it has greater than its target. Enchantment Spider Occultist
Lively Maggots After attacking, reduce all enemies' Defense by 15%. Pit Worm Acid Spitting Pit Worm
Avian Figment When attacked, 30% chance to dodge and recover 25% of missing health. Call of the Bloom Springtime Aspect
Purple Sphere After dying for the first time, resurrect with 100% health and grant all your creatures Shell and Mend for 5 turns. Afterlife Stardust Amaranth
Defunct Pipework // Pile of Garbage Creature eats breakable objects and gains 10% Attack, Luck, and Defense for each object eaten. Effect resets when you go to a new Realm. Pica Steampowered Pilwiz
Peace Breaker At the start of this creature's turn, your creatures lose 25% of a random stat and gain 40% of a random stat. Amalgamation Stone Devil
Hot Rock Creature deals 30% more damage for each creature between itself and the target on the Action Queue. Vehemence Stone Giant
Storm Lord Enhancer When attacked, and the attack would deal more than 20% of this creature's health, reduce the damage to 20% of this creature's health. Damage Control Storm Lord
Stronghold Stone Creature always has Taunt and does not suffer a Defense penalty while provoking. Steadfast Resilience Stronghold
Styx Wail Your creatures take only 1 damage from attacks if they're at 100% health. Styx Cry Styx Banshee
Succubus Heart When attacked and the damage would kill this creature, damage is reduced to 25% and is dealt to one of your other creatures instead. Carnal Genesis Succubus Spirit
Stag Figment When attacked, 30% chance to dodge and move to the top of the Action Queue. Call of the Solstice Summer Aspect
N/A When this creature casts a spell on an enemy, deal damage to it equal to 200% of your Spell Power. Soulburn Sunclaw Gargoyle
Tainted Coin After being attacked and left with less than 40% health, evolve into the same creature as its Imler partner and recover 100% health. Rapid Transformation Tainted Imling
Collar of Agility Each of your creatures' DireWolves grant the creature 15% chance to dodge attacks. Wolf Ability - Eye of Thylacine Terror Hound
Thrasher Infusion After attacking, hit two random enemies for 60% damage. Relentless Hunger Thrasher Fiend
Thunder Storm Enhancer After being attacked, reduce all enemies' Defense by 20%. Eye of the Storm Thunder Storm
Charged Pinion After dying, enemies are afflicted with Stagger for 3 turns and Stun for 1 turn. Electroheart Thunderstruck Phoenix
Disk of Vortex After being attacked, 35% chance to reduce enemy's health to 1. Inception Timeless Master
Timeworn Bark After attacking, 35% chance to deal the same amount of damage to all other enemies. Rootsplosion Timeworn Ent
Massive Topaz Creature and the creatures in its row start battle at the top of the Action Queue and have Critical for 1 turn. Topaz Attunement Topaz Paragon
Tortured Wail After being attacked, afflict all enemies with Silence for 3 turns. Melancholia Tortured Banshee
Searing Rock After defending, recover 100% health and go to Sleep. Lethargy Tower Giant
Ghostly Pinion After this creature attacks and deals damage that exceeds 25% of the target's Maximum Health, the target is afflicted with Stun for 1 turn. Ethereal Flight Transcended Phoenix
n/a Immune to all spells. Ignores all debuffs. Tries to run from battles. Drops resources when attacked. Great Greed Treasure Golem
Thinned Troll Blood At the start of battle, share a cask of ale with all the creatures on the battlefield. Mystery Brew Troll Alemaster
Smoldering Troll Blood At the start of this creature's turn, deal damage to a random enemy equal to 75% of this creature's Attack. If the enemy dies, this creature skips its turn. Resin Troll Arsonist
Sizzling Troll Blood When attacking, deal a random amount of damage between 1% and 300% of its normal damage to the target. Blind Rage Troll Berserker
Hot Troll Blood After Provoking, all your creatures gain Rage. Hotspur Troll King
Bubbling Troll Blood After one of your other creatures attack, this creature has a 30% chance to deal damage equal to 25% of its speed to the target. Knife Flurry Troll Knife Juggler
Dark Troll Blood Deal 50% more damage for each dead creature on the battlefield. Sadism Troll Necksnapper
Bloodsplattered Leather After an enemy casts a spell, it is afflicted with Suffocate until the end of the battle. Garrote Twisted Carver
Angel Breaker Creature has additional Attack equal to 50% of Luck. Angel's Horror Twisted Devil
Fiery Bottle Enemies take 100% more damage from Burn. Flame That Changed The World Unchained Djinn
Orange Sphere Creature always deals damage equal to 40% of the target's Current Health, and ignores any post-attack effects from both itself and its target when it attacks. Unguided Entity Unguided Amaranth
Divine Brand After attacking, creature with the lowest health is healed for same amount of damage dealt. Creature cannot heal itself this way. Divine Mending Unicorn Consecrator
Glorious Brand After attacking or being attacked, gain Shell. Effervescence Unicorn Holycaster
Light Brand Your creatures always have Ward. Righteous Ward Unicorn Stormbringer
Holy Brand After attacking, 50% chance to resurrect one of your creatures with 50% health. Reinvigoration Unicorn Vivifier
Honed Wings After one of your creatures attacks, that creature recovers health equal to 25% of the damage. Vampric Aura Vampire Bat
Varve Coin After attacking, heal itself and its Imler partner for 50% of the damage. Thick and Thin Varve Imling
Green Mutated Claw When attacking, 7% chance to kill target for each stack of Poison it has. Eraser Venomous Clutcher
Evolving Maggots After attacking, 50% chance to continue striking for 130% damage. Deals 10% of this damage to itself with each strike. Rampage Vicious Pit Worm
Viper Rune Creature deals more damage equal to the original damage multiplied by your power balance. Incantation Viper Occultist
Lime Mutated Claw After attacking, afflict itself and its target with Grip. Smother Vital Clutcher
Fiery Pinion Your creatures have 30% more Attack, Luck, and Defense when they are all alive at the same time. Lifebender Volatile Phoenix
Volcanic Ashes Your creatures recover health from Burn instead of taking damage. Creature starts battle with Burn for 5 turns. In Flames Volcanic Efreet
Sizzling Rock When your creatures are attacked, this creature absorbs 35% of the damage. Feed the Ground Wall Giant
Shield Rod Creature and your surrounding creatures always have PadDeath and HarmDeath. When your creatures are attacked by Death creatures, they recover 20% health. Disciple of War War Priest
Protection Rod Creature and your surrounding creatures always have PadLife and HarmLife. When your creatures are attacked by Life creatures, they recover 20% health. Apostle of Water Water Priest
Tarnished Leather When one of your creatures dies from an attack, this creature gains 50% Attack and moves to the top of the Action Queue. Cold Blood Wicked Carver
Wildfire Ashes After attacking, afflict target with Wane for 5 turns. Smolder Wildfire Efreet
Willow Heart After being attacked, gain Invisible for 1 turn. Phase Shift Willow Spirit
Warthog Figment When attacked, 30% chance to dodge and decrease enemy's Speed by 40%. Call of the Tundra Winter Aspect
Small Fetish After attacking, 50% chance to Stun target for 1 turn. If successful, 50% chance to continue afflicting more enemies with Stun until the roll fails. Voodoo Ritual Witch Doctor Hexer
False Fetish After killing an enemy, 15% chance to gain a Minor Sigil. If this happens, 30% chance to convert it to a Major Sigil. Creationism Witch Doctor Inscriber
Necromancer's Fetish After defending, resurrect one of your dead creatures at random as a Death creature with 100% health. Unholy Legend Witch Doctor Necromancer
Deformed Fetish At the start of the battle, your creatures swap Health, Attack, Luck, or Defense (determined randomly) with that of the enemies. Ordinary Abnormality Witch Doctor Ritualist
Bloody Fetish While defending, your creatures take 99% less damage from attacks and this creature takes 100% more damage. Does not affect creatures that also have this ability. Blood Dance Witch Doctor Sacrificer
Shadow Fetish Your spells deal 50% more damage and cost 50% more mana. Ability can only activate once per spell. Dark Signs Witch Doctor Shaman
Empowered Horn At the start of this creature's turn, enemies take damage equal to 15% of their Current Health for each dead enemy. Dreamshade Wolpertinger Invader
N/A When this creature is attacked at 100% health, it has a 95% chance to dodge. Sacrosanction Wyvern Airslayer
Fierce Roar After defending, the Action Queue is reshuffled and this monster is sent to the bottom of it. Wings of Despair Wyvern Daybreaker
Brutal Roar After attacking, 50% chance to afflict Scorn on the target and the enemy in its column for 3 turns. Upheaval Wyvern Skystalker
Savage Roar After an enemy casts a spell, all enemies are afflicted with Silence for 1 turn. Overawe Wyvern Sonicscreecher
Harsh Roar When your creatures are attacked, 15% chance to dodge. Gust Aura Wyvern Windrider
Zealot Rune Creature gains 3% Defense for each point of mana you spend. Versatility Zealot Occultist
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The table below lists traits / materials that are not found on a creature
Material Trait Description Trait Name
Crow's Foot Before attacking, gain 100% Attack for each creature that died since its last turn Revulsion
Pandemonium Blood After defending, enemies lose 10% Defense and this creature gains Attack equal to 30% of the total amount of Defense that the enemies lost. Pandemonium Drain
Pandemonium Ore Creature deals more damage equal to 150% of the amount of Chaos Defense it has greater than its target Pandemonium Strike
Pandemonium Mantle Creature is immune to spell damage Pandemonium Protection
Pandemonium Splinters Creature recovers 3.5% health at the start of its turn for each living creature on the battlefield Pandemonium Recovery
Symbol of Disdain After attacking or being attacked, gives you a small amount of Power Sacrifice at Birth
Symbol of Rage After attacking or being attacked, gives you a small amount of Brimestone Sacrifice at Dawn
Symbol of Ignorance After attacking or being attacked, gives you a small amount of Granite Sacrifice at Midnight
Symbol of Hope After attacking or being attacked, gives you a small amount of Essence Sacrifice at Noon
Symbol of Grief After attacking or being attacked, gives you a small amount of Crystal Sacrifice at Dusk
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