An artifact is a piece of gear that can be equipped to a creature, granting it increased stats, buffs, the ability to inflict debuffs on enemies, and even the special abilities of other creatures. A creature may equip only a single artifact at a time. Artifacts may be found in the course of adventuring, or forged by the Blacksmith in Siralim Castle.

Each artifact has base stats that depend on its type, and provide either a large bonus to one stat, or a smaller bonus to two stats. For example, boots increase Speed by a large amount while maces provide smaller bonuses to Attack and Maximum Health. Additionally, an artifact has a number of slots equal to its level, in which the Enchanter can install additional bonuses, in exchange for materials (plus some essence, granite, and power).

Artifacts improve with use, increasing their base stats and gaining additional slots as they level up. Each level requires a certain number of enemy creature kills, and the required number increases as the level gets higher, up to the maximum artifact level of 10. To be credited with a kill, the artifact only needs to be equipped to a creature on your team when an enemy dies—its creature does not have to make the kill.

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