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The Castle Library is a wiki for the role playing game Siralim, by Thylacine Studios.

Siralim is a monster-raising, team-building, dungeon-delving, loot-hoarding, arena-battling, spell-casting, material-gathering, artifact-forging, gem-enchanting, resource-gambling, level-grinding masterpiece of a game, with over 300 unique creatures. And they really are unique, too—each and every monster has its own distinct special ability. Battles are turn-based with six creatures per side, and each one can equip an artifact granting it an additional ability from a different creature, so the combinations are nearly endless. Siralim is all about building a team with abilities that complement one another, be it for diving deep into the dungeon, getting a huge win streak in the arena, training up new monsters, grinding for resources, or just seeing what crazy strategy you can get to work.

The Library currently contains 643 pages.

The Castle Library is under construction, and you can help!

The best thing you can do to help the Library grow is to add content, especially creatures, status effects and spells. You can use the buttons below to add pages in these categories. Just enter the name of the item exactly as it appears in-game (with spaces and capitalization) and click the button or press Enter. Please enter all information exactly as it appears in-game! The "commentary" field is where you should put any additional information such as clarifications, typical uses, and good combinations.

Another great way to contribute is to check the list of missing pages and add any you can.

See the Getting Started guide—Siralim can be a bit overwhelming for the new player and returning players.

Style Guide

The main rule is that black boxes (the same background color as Siralim) contain only information from the game, as closely as possible to the way it is presented there. All analysis, speculation, and commentary should be outside these boxes. Other than that, just do what seems right and keep the Quick Reference handy.

Thanks for contributing!

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